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Modern treatments for chronic pain

About Surecell

We are part of an international networks of clinics cutting edge medical network with its roots in Australia.

Our most popular treatments are Platelet Rich Plasma to treat chronic inflammation and cosmetic PRP.

In our clinic we focus on the most cutting edge natural treatments and healthy lifestyle choices that help our patients lead a happy and active life. Our Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has helped thousands of patients avoid costly and dangerous joint replacement surgery in knees and hips and our Facial PRP therapy has helped thousands more develop a younger and healthier skin without laser surgery or other invasive practices.

About PRP Cosmetics

What is PRP?

We use PRP where other doctors use cortisone injections or joint replacement surgery. These treatments have massive downsides: Cortisone doesn't heal your injury and looses it's effect over time and Joint Replacement Surgery is expensive, complicated and dangerous.

PRP doesn't work instantly like cortisone, It's not a pain killer. PRP releases growth hormones that actually heal your injury. It's like when you have a cut on your finger; blood leaks out and the platelets clot to heal your skin. Many injuries are just like an internal cut where the blood doesn't reach well and your body struggles to heal itself. We inject PRP directly onto those injuries to help the healing process.

How much does it cost?

A PRP treatment costs 15,000 Baht per injection

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Where can I get it

We have a full time clinic in Pattaya and a monthly clinic in the Bangkok Thong Lo area. Our doctors are experienced GPs who will assess your case and give you an easy to follow care plan that supports your recovery.

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